About Silex élément

Silex élément, founded in 2007 in Montreal by Oliver Sénéchal, quickly became indispensable due to the originality of its textures and finishes. The elegance of its European-inspired products is now crossing Canadian borders into the United States. The design company’s philosophy stands out for its innovative ingenuity whilst respecting precise criteria for each of its products including lightening high-quality materials such as concrete, which are often heavy. What matters and what characterizes the Silex élément’s trademark is the uniqueness of each element produced. There can never be an identical reproduction!

Silex’s first invention was the Peau de béton™ - Concrete skin™ - a raw, industrial-chic concrete look. Concrete skin™ has seduced major retailers such as Caroline Néron, AdidasStarbucks and many others.
Silex élément is made up of a team of passionate professionals, working on new and excitingly original products daily, each more original than the previous, with the sole purpose of subliming and putting the finishing touches to your projects!