Peau de métalTM

Metal skin 

Iron | Laureen table

Copper | Louise chair

Bronze | Lettering

Metal skin™ uses a revolutionary technique to apply a layer of metal to a range of surfaces such as wood, stone or plastic, revealing a textured metallic relief creating magnificent bold and daring effects. You can use our Metal skin to transform any base into a solid metal object. We can also accelerate the natural oxidation process of certain metals by applying an oxidizing agent, thus giving an aged-metal look. 

  • Unique textures and metals
  • Custom-made lettering and designs
  • Everything from panels to objects is made possible! 

No-limits metal, merge your preference of metal with the texture of your choice for breathtaking results. Metal skin embellishes all surfaces. Everything from panels to objects is made possible at Silex élément!

Give your interior a distinctive look. Create a statement look for your interior. For more details, contact us at 438-382-9796 or send a email at