About us

Silex is a Quebec company with an international reputation ! 
Since 2018, we have been handcrafting all of our decorative products in our production workshop located in Montreal.  

 Our Mission 

At Silex element, our mission is to offer each individual the opportunity to express their personality through a truly unique decoration.

We firmly believe that interior design goes far beyond simple aesthetic choices; it is a form of self-expression, a way of reflecting one's personality and lifestyle.

This image represents a gas fireplace entirely covered with layered polished concrete coating, lime gray color. The covering gives a unique character to the room.
This image shows a waxed concrete wall in a modern interior, highlighting a vibrant orange leather sofa. The dark and smooth texture of the concrete creates a striking contrast with the warm and vibrant color of the sofa, adding an industrial elegance to the space. The minimalist decor and contemporary elements emphasize the modern aesthetic of the room.

 Our Values

At Silex element, we are guided by a set of core values that inspire our daily work:

 Creative Passion: We are driven by a passion for creativity in all its forms. We believe in the power of innovation and imagination to push the boundaries of design. We continuously seek new ideas, techniques, and inspiration to deliver unique and captivating decorative products.

 Environmental Respect: We are deeply committed to environmental preservation. We strive to embrace sustainable practices at every stage of our production process. 

 Aesthetics: We place a strong emphasis on aesthetics in everything we do. Each piece we produce is carefully designed to offer a refined aesthetic that adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

 Integrity: Integrity is at the core of our company. We are committed to being honest, transparent, and reliable in our interactions with our customers, partners, and team. We value professional ethics and strive to always act responsibly and fairly.

 Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and the synergy that arises when creative minds come together. We encourage shared ideas, partnerships, and teamwork to create exceptional products. 

 Silex element's innovations are built upon four fundamental principles:

This image shows the interior of a Starbucks coffee shop, where a Concrete Skin wall | Raw finish is decorated with an artistic fresco. The texture of the raw concrete brings a warm, industrial vibe to the space, while the fresco adds a captivating and cultural visual element.

Slim and Lightweight

For easy handling!

Each piece is unique

An infinite variety of design possibilities to create unique and personalized spaces.

Easy to cut and install

For quick and efficient implementation.

For a WOW effect!

Our products are designed to dazzle and surprise.

 An eco-responsible approach.

At Silex element, we are aware of the importance of contributing to the health of the planet. That's why we continually strive to reduce our environmental impact. We prioritize the use of local raw materials, minimize the quantities or thicknesses of materials used in manufacturing, and carefully select products with low environmental impact and added value.

Here are a few examples:

  • Panels with a thickness of ¼", made from natural fibers and mineral magnesium oxide;
  • Hand-applied micro-layer of high-performance concrete;
  • Micro-layer of recycled metal powder;
  • Water-based sealant;
  • Hybrid construction adhesive ADBOND EXTREME 5692, solvent-free, manufactured by a Quebec-based company, certified with low environmental impact.

This image shows a contemporary interior where a wall is adorned with Peau de Béton panels in a silver metallic finish. The texture and sheen of the metallic wall add an industrial and refined touch to the space, creating an elegant contrast with the minimalist furniture and large windows. The metallic effect subtly reflects light, adding depth and character to the room.

"Silex Element is much more than just an interior design company. We embody the catalysts for creativity and personal expression, while championing the idea of truly unique design. Join us in our mission to design spaces that tell stories, arouse emotions and reflect the uniqueness of each individual."