Shipments and Warehouse Pickup

Delivery and Order Storage:

The customer must ensure acceptance and possession of the delivery of all materials within thirty (30) days from the customer's requested delivery date, regardless of whether this delivery date is earlier or later than the customer's requested delivery date.

If the customer wishes to delay the receipt of the materials beyond this date, Silex may require full payment. Additionally, in this case, Silex may claim monthly storage fees, equivalent to 1% of the value to be shipped, excluding taxes; however, Silex is not obligated to store materials on behalf of the customer. It is understood that Silex may, at its discretion, dispose of materials not accepted by the customer.

Transport and Delivery Dates:

Silex is committed to making its best efforts to meet the delivery date requested by the customer. However, the customer acknowledges that product delivery dates may vary and are beyond Silex's control. Therefore, the customer accepts that Silex assumes no responsibility for delivery delays, whether caused by Silex or a third party, and acknowledges that Silex does not guarantee the delivery of materials on the requested delivery date.

The customer further acknowledges and accepts that all transportation costs will be paid by the customer to Silex in accordance with the payment terms agreed upon by the parties, and that any transportation of goods by a third party is at the customer's risk and expense, whether arranged by Silex on behalf of the customer or not.. 

Silex does not guarantee the delivery or transportation by a third party, including but not limited to the quality of service or the delivery of materials.. 

The dimensions of the boxes are appropriate, and your items are properly protected..

Order Acknowledgment:

Silex commits to providing the customer with photos of each packaged order (parcel or pallet), ready for delivery and prior to shipment, to demonstrate its good condition from the outset. The customer acknowledges and accepts that it is their responsibility to verify that the received merchandise is in good condition and matches the photos sent by the company.

If in doubt, as a precaution, or if the customer observes that the merchandise is not in accordance with the sent photo, they must make necessary notes on the delivery receipt (examples: potential damages/presumed hidden damages/damages to inspect/etc.) in the presence of the delivery person. Silex strongly advises taking photos of the merchandise upon delivery and sending them if necessary. If the customer signs the receipt and does not specify on it that the order is not in accordance, Silex cannot be held responsible for errors, damages, or defects identified subsequently. It is therefore important for the customer to carefully inspect the pallet before signing the receipt. 

Silex is committed to handling all claims related to pallet conformity diligently and professionally.

In-Store Pickup

  • For Coatings 

The kits are manufactured upon request to ensure product integrity. In the case where you have chosen an in-store pickup, to avoid any inconvenience, please wait for confirmation from Silex Element before making your way.

  • For Panels 

Only our authorized partners are allowed to pick them up in-store.

With regard to the pickup of the panels from the warehouse by the partner, it should be noted that full responsibility rests with the partner from the moment they leave the warehouse premises. Silex Element cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage that may occur during transport.  

Delivery Times Depending on the Product 

Warehouse Opening Hours 

Silex Element accepts pickups from Monday to Thursday, between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

On Fridays: by appointment only.

Always wait for confirmation from Silex Element before coming in.