Distinctive features

Here's what makes our panels truly exceptional: a host of distinctive features that give each panel a unique touch. Each of our panels is created with care and attention, and is endowed with particularities that distinguish it from all the others.

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Silex Element panels have specific characteristics similar to those of concrete.

In this section, we will explain some of these particularities. 

Crucial installation tip for interior wall covering

Given the unique nature of each panel, it is imperative to view the entire order (panels) before attaching them to the wall.

It is essential to understand the importance of selecting panels precisely to ensure aesthetic harmony during installation.

Unique cavities

more or less large, whatever the color

Our manufacturing method allows the concrete to express itself freely, thus giving rise to 'hole' formations. Silex element has no control over these cavities, leaving the concrete to make its own decisions. 

This is one of the reasons why each panel is unique!

Slight cracks

Due to the characteristics of the formwork, slight scratches will be apparent on the surface of the sheet.

A specific characteristic of concrete

These cracks are not a structural hazard or a manufacturing defect; on the contrary, they are common to all concrete materials.

Shades in the color

Color shades in concrete give a unique and authentic look to a concrete surface, adding interesting visual character. They testify to the organic nature of the material and its interaction with its environment.

These shades contribute to the natural beauty of the material, giving it a visual depth that can be attractive in architectural and design projects!

Learn more about variations in oxidized steel.

Dark circles 

As the concrete sets and hardens, there may be variations in the texture and porosity of the formwork surface. These differences are reflected on the surface of the poured concrete, creating visible rings

Dark circles are a natural consequence of the casting technique.

The presence of rings on the concrete panels recalls the organic nature and the intrinsic beauty of this material.

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