Polyurethane varnish for polished concrete and LightConcrete


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Polyurethane varnish

For Layered Polished Concrete and LightConcrete

Description of polyurethane varnish

Silex Varnish is a two-component water-based urethane varnish that offers superior protection against water and stains.

It is specially designed for high traffic areas and rooms exposed to humidity, it makes surfaces more resistant and waterproof. 

*** The Waxed concrete Kit for countertop, floor, and shower already includes the required quantity of Silex water-based bi-component urethane varnish.***



Water / Mild Organic Products


+/- 4h


3 grams per liter

Storage and Preservation​6 months in its original unopened packaging, stored in a temperate location, protected from freezing. 

 While the varnish is durable over time, to preserve and enhance the beauty of your showers or floors while reinforcing their protection, we recommend applying a new coat of varnish every two years.



430 ml

960 ml

Covered Area

50 sq.ft.

110 sq. ft.

Number of Coats 



Once the Silex Varnish is applied, you will experience enhanced protection for your floors and showers.

The coated surface will be easy to clean with mild organic products, allowing you to maintain impeccable hygiene..


Application Steps

 Wear protective equipment

For your safety, it is recommended to wear gloves, a mask, and glasses.

Mix the components

 while adhering to the proportions (5A to 1B)

* Pot life: 30 minutes 

** Make small quantities at a time. 

Apply a first coat

using a foam lacquer roller.

Allow to dry

for a minimum of 12 hours.

Apply the second coat

using a foam lacquer roller

Allow to dry

for a minimum of 24 hours.

Enjoy a water and stain-resistant surface that maintains its aesthetic appearance over time.