Cutting panels and chevrons

Techniques for cutting Silex element panels and Chevron safely
August 25, 2023 by
Pauline Balbeur

When working with Silex element panels and chevrons, a crucial step is the precise cutting to obtain perfect dimensions and shapes. Cutting these materials requires a careful and safe approach to ensure optimal results while maintaining your safety.

Before starting to cut, it is essential to wear the appropriate protective equipment and choose a well-ventilated work area.  

 A tile saw  

 A water saw

 An angle grinder

 A circular saw with diamond blade

 Do not use a mechanical tile cutter.

  • The panel must be leaned against a guide rail and held by clamps. 
  • Apply painter's tape over the entire cut area. 

    You have 3 possibilities to make the corners : 

      1. Start by drilling a hole with a drill fitted with a concrete drill bit. 
      2. Use an electric oscillating saw     
      • Smooth the cut edges using sanding papers.