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Discover the fundamentals of Silex element products
August 10, 2023 by

This article will guide you through the fundamentals and essential aspects related to Silex element products..

The panels are handcrafted, which adds an artisanal dimension to their appearance. In addition, our manufacturing method allows the concrete to express itself, which can result in the formation of shrinkage cavities, slight cracks and different shades in the colors. 

These characteristics are an integral part of the natural and authentic aesthetics of the panels, and they contribute to their unique charm. 

Please note that these variations are part of the intrinsic character of the material and in no way compromise the quality or durability of the panels.

How can I order the panels or the chevrons ? 

To order Peau de Béton panels in Canada, you can contact one of boutiques partenaire de la marque.

For the United States, you can contact one of the brand representatives.

No, it is not possible to order panels and chevrons directly on the Silex element website. You have to go through a dealer to order the panels. It is possible to consult the information on the products and the partner shops on the Silex element website, but the order must be placed via a reseller.

Although there are color variations in all the panels, the ozone color has the least. It is therefore the best option for those looking for a more uniform color.

Peau de Béton panels can be installed on plaster or wooden walls, but it is important to check that the supports are strong enough to support the weight of the panels. 

The ideal support is gypsum.

Yes, the panels and chevrons can be used for commercial applications, such as shops, restaurants, hotels, etc..

Panels should be stored indoors. Store them on the edge of the length against a wall, so as not to deform them.

No, panels must remain indoors at all times.

We are not taking special orders at this time. However, you can still contact us nd specify your project and your needs. 

We do not take a deposit, the order must be paid in full.