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Recommandations for making a wise choice
August 24, 2023 by
Pauline Balbeur

How to make the ideal choice?

Making the perfect choice among the various Silex element products can be a rewarding process..

In this article, we will explore how to use the samples to select the ideal product, taking into account the differences in texture, color and natural variations that give beauty and authenticity to each Silex element panel.

Appreciating natural differences

One of the distinctive charms of Silex element products lies in their natural characteristics. Opt for Peau de Béton if you want the look of authentic poured concrete or choose LightConcrete if you prefer the reliefs and more sober shades of waxed concrete

Depending on the products, you will find holes, micro-cracks, texture differences, dark circles and color shades.

This variability is a real mark of authenticity that adds to the beauty of the material.

Use samples to make an informed decision

To choose between waxed concrete, Peau de béton panels (raw finish or metal finish) and LightConcrete panels, follow these steps:

  1. Order a variety of samples: Choose samples representing different options, including those with distinct color and texture shades.
  2. Examine and compare: View samples under different light sources to assess how textures and colors interact. Compare them in the environment where they will be used.
  3. Smell and Ttuch: For waxed concrete products, feel the texture and surface variations.

Take a decision

Once you've evaluated the samples, it's time to make a decision. :

  1. Personal priorities: Think about the visual effect you are looking for. Do you prefer a more pronounced or more subtle texture? What shade of color would best match your space?
  2. Integration into the environment: Visualize how each option would fit into the environment where it will be used. Consider how natural variations would enrich the overall look.
  3. Consult the experts: If necessary, discuss your options with design professionals or people you trust for additional advice.

Using the sample method, you can choose the perfect waxed concrete or concrete panels for your project. The variations of textures and colors specific to Silex Element products add a touch of authenticity and beauty.

Order your samples today and embrace the uniqueness of each panel to create a space that reflects your style and appreciation for the true aesthetics of concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the  Silex element webite : 

  1. Select the product(s) for which you would like to receive samples
  2. Add to cart 
  3. Complete the order process including delivery address and payment

Yes, it is completely normal that the color of the panels may differ from that of the sample for several reasons. 

Here are some explanations :

  1. Natural Variations : Panels may exhibit color nuances within their own structure. The sample you have is only a small part of this larger panel. Therefore, there may be darker areas and lighter areas on the surface due to these natural variations. It is important to consider these nuances when evaluating color matching.
  2. Environmental Factors: Elements such as lighting, surface texture (in the case of waxed concrete) and other environmental conditions can influence color perception. These factors can cause differences between the sample and the final surface. It is recommended to take these differences into account when evaluating the color match.
  3. Sample Updates: Make sure your samples are up to date, as the raw material used to make the panels may have changed by the manufacturer over time. Variations may therefore occur between older samples and current panels. 

Keep these factors in mind when evaluating color differences between samples and panels for a better understanding of the situation.