Peau de Béton | metal finish

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*The images provided are for illustrative purposes only
Shades, colors, patterns and even the presence of rust may vary during production, as each panel is unique. This variability is precisely what guarantees the beauty and authenticity of our products.
Like real poured concrete, we find in the panels holes, cracks, differences in textures, dark circles and shades of color. 


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Peau de Béton | metal finish

The jewel of the collection !

Peau de Béton™ metal finish panels are a true revolution in the world of interior design. They are crafted using a high-performance micro-layer of concrete that is fused with a panel made of a mixture of mineral fibers and magnesium oxide. This unique combination creates a material that is both lightweight and ultra-durable.

Each Peau de Béton™ metal finish panel is handcrafted, making it one-of-a-kind with unique textures and patterns. The use of natural materials in the manufacturing process also makes these panels an eco-friendly and environmentally-conscious choice.

Thanks to their authentic appearance and texture, Peau de Béton™ metal finish panels are the perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their interior. Whether for residential or commercial projects, these panels can be installed horizontally or vertically to create the desired effect.

By following the recommended installation instructions, Peau de Béton™ metal finish panels can be easily handled and installed to create the interior space of your dreams.


Finished using a unique process and composed of recycled metal dust




Oxidized steel*



*As our products are handcrafted, the percentage of oxidation may vary from panel to panel and cannot be predetermined when ordering. 

The photos of the panels on our site are presented for information only in order to illustrate the possible variations between each tile.

Learn more about variations in oxidized steel.



Peau de Béton is the result of the fusion of a micro layer of concrete with a fiber support and finished with a thin layer of recycled metal.


± ⅜"


2,8 lb/sq. ft.

Color variation

Bending resistance

ASTM C348 > 11,4 MPa

Easy to

Splatter resistant

for splashes

Interior wall installation

+ Bedroom 

+ Living room 

+ Dining room 

+ Entrance hall 

+ Office 

+ Library 

+ Pantry 

+ Waiting room 

+ Ceiling 

+ Backsplash *

+ Bathroom wall * 

* Our panels are carefully crafted and receive a sealing coat to ensure their quality and durability. For use in a humid environment such as a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend adding an additional layer of sealant and two coats of PDB varnish for optimal protection.

It is important to note that our panels are not designed to be in direct contact with large amounts of water. They should not be installed inside a shower or around a bathtub. We recommend using them in dry areas or with minimal water exposure to ensure their longevity and quality.

** While our panels are heat-resistant, we do not recommend using our metal finish around a fireplace as exposure to intense heat can damage the color coating.

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