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Waxed Concrete Coatings

Polished concrete coating offers great possibilities, as it adheres to almost all surfaces. It is made from a real concrete mix and gives a more realistic result!

Low CO2 emissions!

Due to our use of only 1% concrete, for a result similar to real concrete, This very thin layer of concrete is revolutionizing the construction industry by offering a remarkable combination of ease of installation, negligible weight and Significantly reduced CO2 emissions during its manufacturing. As architects, the incredible versatility of this product represents an invaluable boon, allowing us to realize our architectural visions in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Low VOC!

Polished concrete is also distinguished by extremely low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This makes it an environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious choice for construction projects. Additionally, our commitment to water-based products results in exceptionally low VOC levels, helping to preserve indoor air quality.

Kits and products for waxed concrete coatings

Layered Polished Concrete | wall
Our waxed concrete is a fine mortar with mineral nuances, designed to ensure high tensile strength and excellent adhesion to most surfaces.

Once installed, it undoubtedly creates a WOW effect!
111.15 111.15 USD
168.76 168.76 USD
Silex Primer
Silex primer provides superior adhesion to surfaces.
25.83 25.830000000000002 USD
Trowel for Waxed Concrete: Choose between the 10'' and 16'' sizes for precise and easy application.
28.71 28.71 USD
34.49 34.49 USD
Scellant Silex
Silex sealant is an effective solution to protect and preserve the surface of your panels, while improving their durability and resistance.
18.34 18.34 USD
49.90 49.9 USD