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Chevrons Collection

5 colors in 4 sizes

The Chevron Collection is much more than just plain concrete wall covering. It is the perfect solution for a modern and sophisticated interior decoration. Offering great creative flexibility thanks to its multiple shapes, sizes and colors offered, each piece is unique and reveals variations in patterns, textures and hues for a personalized design in a raw concrete finish.

Chevrons are the perfect option for both commercial and residential interior projects, bringing a touch of modernity and elegance to your space. The chevrons can be laid vertically, horizontally, in S or W patterns, depending on the desired effect, offering great creative freedom.

To facilitate installation, a Starter Kit is available, with pre-cut chevrons to start the installation design. 

​The practical advantages of chevrons include their light weight, ease of installation as well as their strong and durable properties. 

With the Chevron Collection, you can create a one-of-a-kind raw concrete wall decoration, bringing a touch of modernity and sophistication to your interior space.

​​With the Chevron Collection, give free rein to your creativity and obtain a unique result!








± ⅜"


2,8 lb/sq. ft.

Color variation

Easy to cut


Easy and quick 

Splash Resistance 


Installation intérieure pour les murs 




Entrance hall




Waiting room


Backsplash *

Bathroom wall *

* Our chevrons are carefully crafted and given a coat of sealer to ensure quality and durability. For use in a damp environment, such as a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend adding an extra coat of sealant and two coats of PDB clearcoat for optimal protection.

It is important to note that our chevrons are not designed to be in contact with large quantities of water. They should not be installed inside a shower or around a bathtub. We recommend using them in dry areas or with minimal water exposure to ensure longevity and quality.

** Although our chevrons are heat-resistant, exposure to intense heat (over 200 degrees) could potentially alter the quality of the coating.

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Add between 10 to 15% waste for cuts

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