Finishing mortar - Peau de béton & Chevron

Silex Element offers mortars with a shade associated with the panel colors of Peau de béton | raw finish panels and LightConcrete.

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Finishing mortar for Peau de Béton and Chevrons


The finishing mortar - Polished concrete is a pre-mixed and pre-colored powder, ideal for:  

  • Touch up imperfections due to cutting;
  • Make the joints between the panels*.

Please note that Silex Element does not necessarily recommend making joints between panels. If you choose not to do them, we recommend that you paint the wall a color that comes as close as possible to the panels for a homogeneous finish.

Joints between panels can be made for a more aesthetic finish, but this depends on individual preferences and the design of each project.

1 kg (2.20 lb) covers ± 40 p.c.

5 kg (11 lb) covers ± 200 p.c.