LightConcrete panel

Light, thin and easy to install

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LightConcrete :  

Lightweight concrete panels

 Each piece is unique!

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LightConcrete panels are handcrafted pieces that stand out for their thinness, lightness, and ease of handling. They replicate the nuanced appearance and smooth texture of solid concrete without its environmental impact.

The panels are perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial use, enhancing all surfaces with their chic and elegant style, as well as their original patterns. They are also easy to clean and install, easily cut using the same tools as ceramic tiles. 

​This extraordinary product paves the way for new possibilities in your interior decor. With its lightweight characteristics and unique decorative reliefs, BétonLéger panels are an ideal option for those seeking to add a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to their space.

Resistant to the test of time, they are a durable choice for your interior.

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    Gris Chaux

    Gris Mineral

    Ash Gray

    Gris Slate

    Bali Gray

    Beige Gray

    Colonial Blue






Technical Data for lightweight concrete panels

The BétonLéger panel is the result of the fusion of a thin layer of concrete with a fibrous backing.


± 5/16"


1,9 lb/s.f.

Color variation

Bending strength

Easy to cut




Indoor installation for all walls 

Pantry | Waiting room | Office | Bedroom | Waiting room | Living room | Dining room | Entrance Hall | Backsplash * | Bathroom wall * | Shower *


* Our panels are carefully manufactured and given a coat of sealant to ensure their quality and durability. For use in a humid environment, such as a kitchen, shower or bathroom, we recommend adding an extra coat of sealant and two coats of PDB clearcoat for optimal protection.

Do not put in contact with heat over 200 degrees.

How to place your order in 5 steps

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Step 1 

Take the dimensions 

of the wall to cover

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Choose the format

     Step 3

Calculate the number of necessary panels
+ 10 à 15% loss for cutting

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Choose the colors

    Step 5

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