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Peau de Béton | Raw finish :  the concrete panels of your dreams!


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The images provided are for illustrative purposes only. Shades, colors and patterns may vary during production as each panel is unique. This variability is precisely what guarantees the beauty and authenticity of our products.

Like real poured concrete, there are holes, cracks, texture differences, dark circles and shades of color in the panels. All panel characteristics

 Consider these features before installation: visualize all the panels first and create an aesthetic pattern.

Low CO2 emissions !

Due to our use of only 15% concrete compared to solid concrete cast panels, our concrete thickness is reduced to just 3/16'', in contrast to 1-1/4'' for solid concrete. This thin concrete layer is laminated onto a cement-free fibromineral panel, offering an extremely lightweight solution. Once installed, it creates the illusion of a concrete wall while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. The ultra-lightweight concrete panel we offer is revolutionizing the construction industry by providing a remarkable combination of easy installation, minimal weight, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions during production. As architects, the incredible versatility of this product represents an invaluable opportunity for us to bring our architectural visions to life in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Low VOC emissions !

Regarding our lightweight concrete panels, they also stand out for their extremely low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious choice for construction projects. Furthermore, our commitment to water-based products results in an exceptionally low VOC rate, thus contributing to indoor air quality preservation

Why choose PDB concrete panels | Raw finish ?

Peau de Béton™ raw finish panels are a true innovation in the world of interior design. Combining a high-performance micro-layer of concrete with a mineral fiber panel, they create a lightweight and ultra-durable material.

Each Peau de Béton™ raw finish panel is handcrafted, giving it a unique character with different textures and patterns. The natural materials used in their production also make them an environmentally-friendly and sustainable choice.

Thanks to their authentic appearance and texture, these panels are perfect for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to their interior, whether it's for residential or commercial projects. They can be installed horizontally or vertically to create the desired effect.

By following the recommended installation instructions, Peau de Béton™ raw finish panels can be easily handled and installed to create the interior space of your dreams.

A chic industrial look!

Reception of a design store with concrete panels, Nickel color.
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The "Ozone" color swatch features a raw concrete finish with light gray tones and subtle textures, offering a modern and clean appearance. Ideal for creating bright and minimalist spaces.


The "Oxygen" color swatch showcases a raw concrete finish with medium gray tones and pronounced reliefs, adding an industrial and contemporary touch. Perfect for modern interiors.


The "Nickel" color swatch displays a raw concrete finish with dark gray tones and grainy textures, adding depth and sophistication to any space. Ideal for an elegant design


The "Earth" color swatch represents a raw concrete finish with beige tones and organic textures, evoking nature and earth. Perfect for a warm and natural ambiance.


The "Xenon" color swatch features a raw concrete finish with dark gray to almost black tones and distinctive reliefs, adding a dramatic and contemporary touch. Ideal for bold interiors.




 Peau de Béton is the result of the fusion of a micro layer of concrete with a fiber support 


± ⅜"


2,8 lb

Color variation

Flexural strength

ASTM C348 > 11,4 MPa

to cut


to splashes

Modern dining area with concrete panels

Indoor installation for walls:


Living room

Dining room





Waiting room

Laundry room


* Our panels are carefully crafted and receive a layer of sealant to ensure their quality and durability. For use in a wet environment such as a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend adding an additional layer of sealant and two coats of PDB varnish for optimal protection.

It is important to note that our panels are not designed to be in direct contact with large amounts of water. They should not be installed inside a shower or around a bathtub. We recommend using them in dry areas or with minimal water exposure to ensure their longevity and quality.

** While our panels are heat-resistant, exposure to intense heat (above 200 degrees) could alter the quality of the coating.

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 Add between 10 to 15% waste for cutouts

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