Scellant Silex

Silex sealant is an effective solution to protect and preserve the surface of your panels, while improving their durability and resistance.

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Features of sealant for concrete

For Panels and Chevron  

Silex panels and chevrons are pre-sealed during their manufacturing process to ensure their quality and durability. If you plan to install them in a humid environment or one prone to splashes, it is highly recommended to apply an additional layer of sealant, followed by two coats of varnish for optimal protection.

On panels, the sealant is used to provide protection against contact with liquids and other substances (water, oil, etc.).

For the Waxed concrete

After applying the layers of Layered Polished concrete, sanding, dusting, wet sweeping, and allowing the surface to dry completely, additional protection against water, oil, and other liquids is provided..

Silex Element already includes a sealant in its Waxed concrete kits, but if you wish to enhance the protection of your surface, you can add another layer of sealant.





± 4h


3 gr/liter

Storage and Preservation6 months in its original unopened packaging, stored in a temperate location, protected from freezing. 

Coverage capacity


175 ml

375 ml

750 ml

Covered area

 ± 55 sq.ft.

± 120 sq.ft.

± 240 sq.ft. 

 Application Steps

 Wear protective equipment

For your safety, it is advisable to wear gloves, a mask and glasses.

After protecting what should not be sealed,
Begin with the corners and edges using a brush​
Then continue with an applicator pad (it avoids roller marks) then even out the layer with a foam lacquer roller 

Ensure there is no excess and allow it to penetrate well into the pores of the surface
Drying time between the two coats: 6 hours