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Chevrons Collection | Starter Kit


Silex Element's Starter Kit is designed to simplify the installation of your raw concrete chevron patterns. 

Comprising pre-cut chevron pieces, this kit allows you to easily start creating your wall decoration by following different configurations: vertically (W) or horizontally (S). 

This creative freedom allows you to effortlessly add a touch of modernity and sophistication to your interior.


  • Pre-cut raw concrete chevrons 
  • A paper template

For easy and quick installation!

For Chevron #1

S-1 installation

6 pre-cut chevron pieces

W-1 installation 

7  pre-cut chevron pieces

For Chevrons #2, #3 et #4

S-2 installation

4 pre-cut chevron pieces

W-2 installation 

4 pre-cut chevron pieces

​Download our guide now and create a customized wall decoration in no time!