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Concrete Panels

All our panels are finished with real concrete mix, the result is revolutionary because each panel is unique!

Low CO2 emissions !

Due to our use of only 15% concrete compared to solid concrete cast panels, our concrete thickness is reduced to just 3/16'', in contrast to 1-1/4'' for solid concrete. This thin concrete layer is laminated onto a cement-free fibromineral panel, offering an extremely lightweight solution. Once installed, it creates the illusion of a concrete wall while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint. The ultra-lightweight concrete panel we offer is revolutionizing the construction industry by providing a remarkable combination of easy installation, minimal weight, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions during production. As architects, the incredible versatility of this product represents an invaluable opportunity for us to bring our architectural visions to life in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Low VOC emissions !

Regarding our lightweight concrete panels, they also stand out for their extremely low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious choice for construction projects. Furthermore, our commitment to water-based products results in an exceptionally low VOC rate, thus contributing to indoor air quality preservation.

Peau de Béton | metal finish
An elegant and contemporary design!
Concrete Light Panel
Light, thin and easy to install